Audientes makes self-fitting quality hearing aids

affordable and accessible

Hearing Aid Features


Audientes is an affordable self-fitting binaural (for both ears) digital hearing aid with ergonomically designed earphones. It features novel solutions for audio experience, comfort, robustness & maintenance.


Designed in Scandinavia by Marcus von Euler,

this hearing aid will change perception of

how to deal with hearing loss.

Key features include: 

Neck worn hearing aid

Unique simple self-fitting

Support for both ears

Very simple and intuitive user experience

Rechargeable battery, high capacity, long life

Bluetooth connectivity to phones & TV

App for control and adjustment

Competitive retail price

Easy to Fit!

Fully adaptable for mild to profound hearing loss, it incorporates Audientes unique self-fitting technology, making it a great fit for over-the-counter sales, allowing users to instantly fit themselves wherever they may be.

Market Opportunity


Audientes’ solutions address a large and growing global market. According to the WHO, of the 460+ million people worldwide with disabling hearing loss, the needs of less than 10% are currently met. Therefore, while today’s worldwide market for quality fitted hearing aids is estimated at only 14 million single-ear units annually, our solution addresses an important new market, consisting of well over 400 million people, most in middle income or developing countries. Our goal is to have sold in excess of one million hearing aids, around the world, by 2025. 

Hearing aids are too expensive

80% of those affected by hearing loss live in middle to low-income countries.

Less than 10% have one

Due to high costs and low availability, most people do not get the help they need.

Lack of professionals

A normal hearing aid requires a fitting by an audologist, of which there is far too few.

Going where no hearing aid has gone before!

Audientes is a Danish company with the mission to make quality hearing solutions accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them.


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