Hear better with our smart, self-fitting and affordable hearable

Audientes connects you to the world around you through a smart, easy-to-use and comfortable self-fitting hearable. Combining discreet design and advanced engineering, our hearable opens a world of sound, experiences and human connections to people with hearing loss everywhere. What are you waiting for? Come join the conversation!

A world of sound at your fingertips

Our unique, self-fitting hearable can help bring the millions of hearing-impaired people around the world back to their families, friends and co-workers to significantly improve quality of life. Combining the audio standard of a high-end hearing aid with smart connectivity to your phone via bluetooth, our hearable gives you the freedom to fit it yourself, adjust to your environment, fine tune when needed, and simply live your life uninterrupted.

Fit it yourself or have a family member help you, our hearable requires no doctors or audiologists.

Connect to your smartphone and our easy-to-use app. Purchase online or over the counter at an affordable price.

Lightweight, ergonomic design that fits snugly around the neckline, nestled discreetly under your collar.

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