You won't believe your ears!

Imagine a world where you could address your hearing loss in just a few simple steps and from the comfort of your own home. No doctors, no clinics, no audiologists, no hassle! Our self-fitting and affordable hearable opens a world of sound, experiences and human connections to people with mild to severe hearing loss everywhere.

The world’s first truly self-fitting hearable

Everyone hears differently and finding the right solution for your type of hearing loss usually involves visits to your doctor, appointments with a hearing clinic, hearing tests, follow-up appointments and regular fine tuning. It’s a long, arduous and expensive process. But it doesn’t have to be. With our hearable, we’ve taken the complexity out of the fitting process. Now, you can set it up yourself, right out-of-the-box in a few minutes and a few simple steps. It’s like having your own personal hearing clinic with you, whenever and wherever you need it. 

Our hearable allows for adjustment, volume control, fine tuning, feedback cancellation, wind noise reduction and more. You’ll also have different programs to select between, depending on whether you’re in a noisy environment, listening to music or just relaxing at home. You decide what and how you hear the world around you.

Fast and easy profile set-up

Run your own hearing test

Get your personalized audiogram

Five personalized programs or add more on the go

Fine tune or adjust when necessary

A hearing profile for each ear

The traditional and complex way to fit a hearing aid

The Audientes self-fitting way

Smart hearing made for you

Our hearable comes with smartphone connectivity and a companion app. Through wireless Bluetooth functionality, you can to listen to your music or TV, stream your phone conversations and store all of your personal hearing information in the Cloud, leaving you to get on with your life – uninterrupted! The app may also be used by an audiologist and/or the sales outlet where you bought it, so that you can get the best possible support, recommendations and advice when and if you need it.

Connect your hearable to your phone through Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

Control your hearable through your headset or app

Connect to your TV when you prefer a different volume to the people around you

Adjust each ear separately or turn one off!

Fine tune high and low frequencies to get the right sound for you

Listen to your music whenever you choose

Listen in comfort

Designed for maximum comfort and style, Audientes is a hearable like no other available today. Nestled discreetly under your collar, the lightweight but robust neckband with its simple controls, looks nothing like a traditional hearing aid. Ergonomically designed to fit almost anyone, the sleek headset is modern, fashionable and discreet. No one will guess it’s a hearing aid, and it’s so comfortable, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it.

Lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable

Available in different sizes

Robust with replaceable earbud wires and battery

Built-in, long lasting rechargeable battery

Neck worn with optional colors

Discreet, elegant and modern

Accessible & Affordable

Imagine the sound quality and functionality of a high-end digital hearing aid that’s both affordable and accessible! Our hearable gives you the quality of a traditional and more expensive hearing aid for a fraction of the cost. And it’s available for purchase online or in-store. Maybe you don’t live close to a hearing clinic. Maybe you’ve never tried a hearing aid before and you’re not ready to make a hefty investment. Or maybe you simply cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a solution for each ear. The Audientes hearable removes these obstacles, helping you hear better while you save time and money.

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